Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Poetic Journey - In to Out


Yes, even artists have paperwork. All the more so because we are "small business owners" involved in manufacturing. So many of the forms big businesses have to fill out and file we do too. But we don't have staff. Taxes loom and so I had to get a handle on the "In" baskets where I deposit receipts and "suspense" items. Every year about this time I swear I will develop a better method. Every year I don't. Ergo the following poem.

Outing the In

Into the In Box
With no

Digging through
Things once
Important enough.

In to the In Box
Like the last items
on the todo list.

Tossed at last
into the final
out box
The circular file

At last.

J. Binford-Bell March 2010

And the question remains why not the trash first? Do you have a poem to post for this week's poetic journey?

Willow Manor and Supernatural Nod which I found tripping through blogs

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