Saturday, March 6, 2010


What is it about the months of February and March that makes us want to push the envelope? At least those months are when I want to do something just a bit different. Beware the bored artist! This year my cure for boredom has been the triptych. Yesterday I finally got the canvases stretched.

Checking to see they are all the same height and square

Using the measure three or four times before cutting rule here. Since they will ultimately hang close together it is critical in my opinion that they are all squared up. I always check the 90 degree corners on stretcher bars before applying canvas, but have noticed some slight variance in a size because of how I fold over the corners of the canvas.

Assembled Stretcher bars being checked

In the foreground you will notice two other sets of stretcher bars not yet assembled. March and April are the months to be sure you have adequate inventory for the summer and fall fairs. The front set is for another study for a much larger piece I have a commission for. I am sure Michelangelo did studies for the Sistine ceiling. Glad I don't have that job. The triptych is becoming daunting enough. It's finished total size before framing will be 18 by 40 inches.

The plan as it were

Today the tracing paper "cartoon" gets transferred to the canvas and I mask out for the painting of the sky. I have some scraps of canvas to try my proposed sky on before tackling the actual piece. do doubt I will bore you with that process too. Wish me luck.

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