Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poetic Journey - Wishing for Spring

Someday it Will Be Spring

Everyone on line is talking of spring and posting pictures of flowers in bloom. The photographic group I belong to on FaceBook is even having an event titled Spring. Meanwhile we are getting more snow. I know I will be able to gloat this summer when they are sweltering in triple digit heat and I am a balmy low eighties but at the moment the snowy landscape outside my studio windows is driving me up a wall. 

I unearthed the poem below from two years ago and the self-portrait in watercolor from four years ago.

Spring dreams

Deep into January
And the forecast is for snow
But all night the rain had beat
Upon my bedroom roof

The sound of most often heard
In the fickle days of June
Over the chuckle of the running brook
Carrying off the winter snow melt

I dreamed of lilacs
And shedding cats
Fair weather feathered friends returning
I awoke to be caught by the return of winter storms

I watched the birds in frenzy about the feeders
And taking shelter on my covered porch
I contented myself
With inside tasks only bringing in the wood for a fire

To compensate for the lack of sunshine
I absorbed myself in words and pictures
Listened to the music of Enya
And totally missed the silence of snow

Brief glances through icy windows
Revealed a white world beyond exploration
I told myself it could be fog or mist
Please not that much snow

I stepped out for more wood
Into champagne powder up to my knees
Surprised to discover
So much snow had crept up on me

While I had dreamed away the day
With hopes of spring
And mental pictures of summer
Winter had captured my day

(c) J. Binford-Bell  January 29, 2008

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  1. Although the rain does seem to constantly pour down upon your head, the rays of the sun peeking over your shoulder speaks of better days ahead. I believe this, GF.

  2. Hi Jacqui. Our weather has been rather crazy lately and we have been taking each day as ti comes and rejoicing in whatever is thrown at us. At least it's not boring!
    Lovely poem!


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