Saturday, March 13, 2010

Triptych Progress

Tres Cruces

I worked on the triptych and another painting today. I was not having much luck with the other. Everything I did with it seemed to be wrong and had to be redone. It isn't finished but I am a lot happier with it now. Given that streak of rotten luck I had my doubts about doing any work on the triptych.

After I had an early lunch and cooled down a bit I decided to at least lay in the main colors on the churches. Mission churches were built in two basic styles and for this painting I seemed to have chosen all of the single bell tower with cross type rather than the two towers. So on the churches there are three crosses so I am currently calling the painting Tres Cruces, which fits since it is also a three part painting. There are in fact five crosses in the triptych with the two road crosses in front.

Progress is much slower at this stage. No broad expanses of color laid in. I would like to finish it this week but don't want to rush it or the red sky painting I posted a progress photo of on Facebook.


  1. That's coming along well, Jacqui! I like the angular streaks in the sky and the gradation of colour.

  2. I certainly like it and I am looking very greedily at the others to see.


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