Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Advantages of Stretching

Put together the stretcher bars for two new paintings. One is a commission and the other inspired by the comment that my subjects look good in long thin proportions. The larger one will be horizontal but I am interested in trying a large vertical one and have just the subject for it, but also an idea for a horizontal theme.

When I last fall decided to buy the tools to stretch my own canvases the money I would save was the most motivating aspect. That and the larger pre-stretched canvases I was purchasing often were warped. The first stretching I did was with smaller sizes and not much off of what would be considered standard proportions. Making my own frames contributed to a total sense of freedom in width and height. And the rest is history. Especially when the off-standard shapes began to sell.

I have been working on fair inventory. My first fair is not until June. Second in July. I am also really promoting my studio this summer. And still debating spending the money for a pricey holiday fair. I have until July 15th to make that decision. The economy had many artists pulling back from expensive fairs, but reports from some of the early venues are looking up. Still for the moment most of my stretching is in size and shape.

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  1. Funny, I've never learned how to stretch canvases and really want to! I think it would be a freeing experience..


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