Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poetic Journey - Needed Space

Working on my large canvas has not only taken some creative arrangement of space it has also taken some extra dishes and tools. The little seven hole porcelain dishes by the frog dish are what I usually use to mix paints. But for the sky I took a little baking dish to mix enough red. And my sushi set offered up sauce trays.

My water dishes have always been eclectic. I pick them up from potters I know. Ceramic is nice and weighted and does not tobble if I bump the table. And porcelain ceramics for paint mixing always clean up nicely with no residue. I hate plastic palettes.

Today I was able to work on the canvas in a vertical position for the detail. With the large washes the canvas had to be flat. I usually do detail flat too but the size of this canvas has made it easier to do the fine brush lines upright. I don't have an easel so I creatively propped it on a flat file drawer. All this led to a contemplation of space when I took a lunch break.

Room to breathe
Through space
Time in mind.

To know
One must lose 
In space
From nothingness.

of emptiness
From nothing
To space.

Like clouds
In a once empty sky
On a bare spring stalk

At last filling

J. Binford-Bell April 2010

I have been missing the last few weeks on our Poetic Journey. Sorry but I needed space to create. Join me if you have a poem to share.

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  1. Jacqui... i love the idea of the porcelain.. what a nice way to treat yourself in your work space... Lately i've been using this ultra thin flexible plastic cutting board... and when the paint is dry i can bend it and peel it right off.. i'm collecting the dried tidbits to use in some sort of mixed media thing...


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.