Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Time in Studio

It has been a busy time for me both in the studio and in personal life. Amazing how many things have to be done before going on a vacation. Been a while since a road trip so I have been taking breaks from painting to gather the necessary things together, make lists, and prepare my home to have a house sitter for two weeks.

And I have been trying to finish the commission before I leave. So why am I working on three paintings instead of just one? The little red sky canyon painting in the front is actually my test piece. If I want to try out a color to be used in the large work I try it there first. Also tested a new technique for the sky on it which I then rejected. Not in this photo is a small clayboard that I use to test newly mixed paints on and/or glazes. The aspen painting in the background is a work I have not finished and am trying to before leaving.

I have one of my two major summer fairs within a month after my return from vacation and much of that month will be spent framing the pieces I have already finished and stored in the flat files. The aspens is a departure from my usual subject matter and for forthcoming exhibits I need to have one or two other pieces to put with it. So that is also on my agenda upon return.

Speaking of agendas, as president of the Moreno Valley Arts Council there are summer venue issues to handle and so I am busy with e-mails back and forth between other board members and the executive director. At the time I planned my two week escape life looked a lot more open and relaxed. But the closer I get the more compressed time has become and the longer the todo lists. Today I am dropping everything else but the painting. The large piece is named Reverence and it requires some focus from this point out - maybe even reverence.


  1. It seems no matter how hard you try to allocate your time appropriately, there is always crunch time!

  2. No truer words were ever spoken, Jennifer. I keep thinking I am just not planning right or carrying through on the plan. But regardless of how I approach it there seem to be a least two major crunch times in the year - spring and fall.

    Oh, and the last week before a fair. Don't know how you do so many.


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