Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alternate Reality

I had a friend once that would tell me that on a particular day his hold on what we agree is reality was tenuous at best. I had been exposed to enough philosophy courses to not see this as a confession on his part that required me to call the people from the funny farm. And I am the first to admit that I have not always wanted to old on to what the world calls reality. Sort of messy out there - oil spills, wars, petty neighbors - just things which can get in your way when you are attempting a higher plane of existence.

Or immersed totally in creativity. Then the membrane between worlds can become quite thin.

I left the studio yesterday and actually conversed with a real person. We discussed altered states of consciousness - those sought and those not. I used to hate naps because when I was awakened I was not totally in this world. It can be like that when I come out of my studio where I have achieved a total integration with my muse. I hope I made sense over hazelnut coffee. But I soon returned to the studio where things were making sense.

But I am reminded of why I don't paint up to the day of a fair - the transition is just too difficult. Nor can I go immediately back to painting after a fair. So while my first fair is not until the 19th I will try to have all my painting done by this Saturday. The following week will be frame making and title cards and updating inventory - activities that are more of the "real world" where customers and art fair goers reside.

And this last week of painting I will decompress so I don't get the mental bends. Coming up from the depths (or down from the heights) in small increments - a cup of coffee here, a trip to Taos for supplies there, dinner with a friend, art reception on Saturday.

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