Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Latest Work to be Showcased in Red River

Dawn at Delicate Arch
14 x 46 Mixed Media on Canvas

Sunset on the Gossips
14 x 46 Mixed Media on Canvas

 Tres Cruces Triptych
18 x 40 Mixed media on 3 canvases

At the beginning of every art fair season I like to have a significant number of new works to put among those which have been displayed before. And one of those new pieces I always do as a show piece. Last year that show piece was Beyond which is currently on display at Artspace Gallery in Angel Fire. This year I managed to finish three show pieces before my first show: The Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival, June 19 and 20.

I look forward to seeing the public's reaction to these three works as they are larger than I have done before and are of different proportions. They make a statement in just their size and shape. Hopefully they will make those attending my fairs this summer stop and look at them and my other work.

After the Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival they will be on display at Binford-Bell Studio until Artsfest in Angel Fire - if they have not sold.


  1. Oh yes, this new look provides a marvelous 'wall' on which to hang your paintings. I like!


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