Sunday, June 27, 2010

It is not all about painting

Being an artist in this day and age is not all about painting unfortunately. Oh, but that it were. Frequent readers of this blog will know that in the past month it was all about getting enough paintings done of the right sort for the Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival. By right sort I mean for the customers AND for the judges.

As an artist I do want to sell paintings but I also want to win awards to advance my reputation and I want to not disappoint the promoters of a fair or festival. We sign contracts and if you don't live up to that you don't get asked back.

Fairs are just part of the picture. Exhibitions are another. I have two I want to submit entries for in the next month (one in just two weeks) and by choosing paintings to submit I am also pulling them out of the next fair. Be very embarrassing to have a piece you sold be accepted. So what pieces to submit becomes a complex issue especially when the possibility of a work of yours winning a state exhibition is in the offing. Such list of awards looks good on the art vita which needs amended after the last Best of Show.

That is where my head has been the last week. Today I am going to pull it out of that and do some painting.

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