Monday, June 21, 2010

Best of Show

When I first won a ribbon at an art show I was rather embarrassed. It reminded me of dog shows. I have had dogs with lots of ribbons. Now my art work has lots of ribbons. Added two to the growing collection this last weekend. That's them there on the far right of the photograph of my booth. It was a nice way to kick off the fair season.

The first fair is always a testing ground for your new work and new ideas on how to set up your booth. I was going for the minimalist which is being touted by several artist publications. Supposedly the biggest mistake artists make at shows is crowd too much work into too little a space. I had some real doubts when I hung the last piece up Saturday morning. OMG I don't have ENOUGH. And there were moments when I thought I should have brought this painting or that. But the response to the booth and the art in the booth soon calmed my fears of change. It was a stunning presentation if I do say so myself.

The question now is how to translate this look to the next fair where there will be strict adherence to 10' x 10' box. Outdoor fairs always allow more "spread" with chairs and business desks allowed outside your booth. Inside fairs with limited aisle space can be sticklers about nothing being outside that space. And it is wise to know which fair allows what. Some you can put your chair outside but no extension of your display like print racks. Others not even the chair siting fire code restrictions for not impeding traffic.

Course some theories on art promotion and sales maintain you should not even have a chair. You lose sales if you sit down. I think it is to be noted the writers of these articles are sitting in plush office chairs and not standing on hard slab floors for six to eight hours. After all weekend even well manicured park grass feels hard and unyielding.


  1. I think this is really the best closer view you've ever shown and
    WOW! do your paintings POP!
    Minimalist style perhaps, but one I
    think is a winner in showing your art to best advantage.
    Congratulations again for both those Blue Ribbons.

  2. It's almost the first time that I'm in here for a short note b'cos I can't remember I've done it before. Anyway, it's always glad to know we've made the first step!

    But I've been hastily surfing in & out of your place quite occasionally but I've seen all your works published here actually.
    But this is the first time I've seen how your displays goes at a fair. It's quite different from our country.
    But if you say open ground fairs like these, our country is very flexible! You can have whatever you want and getting something outside of it's allocated space is not a disapproval. Talking about not allowing a chair? Well, standing is no good for sales though but sometimes a person might need some rests, right?

    However, I admire your your years of perseverence. My knowledge of you in spaces has come quite a long way ( since Y360 ) now though we hardly ever "spoke". But I've kept most of your art pix in my archive.
    Just love them!
    Well, one thing I must say is this ( like I always said and believe ) " The journey is far more important than the success "

    Wishing your heart's desire will come true!

    Keep it up!
    You are a hard worker!
    I leave you with words of
    many blessings!!

    Bye for now, and I dunno when I'll do a visit like this in a very short time.
    Have a happy week!
    Best Regards,


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.