Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art Sunday - Success with Photography

Been There
Encouraged by friends I entered three photographs in the 2011 Ralph Solano Photography Show and Sale at the Old Pass Gallery in Raton. Been There won second in the amateur exhibit. I don't ordinarily take pictures of old trucks or farm equipment unless they are an adjunct to a landscape. I got out of my sister's Rubicon on our Christmas eve back road trip to record this treasure because it had tank tracks instead of wheels. No photographer goes to the problem of getting out of the vehicle to take just one photograph so I circled and took about 20. This image ended up first on my Epiphany card saying goodbye to 2010. Full title is Been there, done that, have the bullet holes to prove it. That does sum up 2010 quite nicely.

Morning of the Elk
Morning of the Elk was also entered in the show and sold. The strange tale about this one is that I was out on an errand without my camera, saw the elk herd, drove back home, dropped off dogs, picked up camera and returned. They had waited for me. How often does that happen? I think of this photograph as a miraculous gift. The camera comes with me far more frequently now.

Let there be Light
Let there be Light was the easy photo. It is the view out my front door. The sentinel tree gets photographed in all kinds of weather. It has been struck by lightning a few times, is the look out post for ravens and hunting hawks, and marks my location in the world.

My successes in this first outing with my photograph encourages me to try again in another show coming up. Compared to painting it seems easy. And with my studio on the Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Trail it will be so easy to carry some of my matted and sleeved photographs in the studio. No looking for galleries to represent me. And it is just an adjunct of what I have always done - recorded the world around me for my use and enjoyment.

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  1. Beautiful photos, love the colors ind the first one.


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