Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Here to Raton

Last Tuesday found me and my friend, Katherine, off to Raton to pick up our paintings from the Old Pass Gallery. Both of us had been invited to be part of the New Mexico Women Artists Invitational Show there in March. And I had photographs to drop off for the amateur division of the Solano Photographic show.

Raton is the county seat for Colfax county which is one of the largest counties in New Mexico. Us mountain folk are inclined at times to resent the miles we must travel for jury duty or just simple tax, title or legal business. Especially in the winter when snow is flying. And it does fly in the plains where the buffalo roam, and the antelope play. But we had a fantastic weather day on Tuesday and had planned stops in Cimarron upon our return trip.

Lunch was at the restored historic and haunted hotel, the Saint James. Then it was off to tour the galleries in Cimarron that are on the Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Trail. My studio is on another leg of that trail. And Taos Canyon galleries on another, so you can expect a tour of those in the near future.

Most of the gems of Cimarron are off the main road that sends tourists through the town. And I will admit to not stopping often when I am forced to run to Raton. But my day in Cimarron means I may plan another with it as my final destination.

And on the other side of the road by the St. James Hotel the Old Town Gallery, studio of Sherry Wolf and Steve Knight.

That is Sherry Wolf at the door welcoming us. It is hidden behind this quaint little gate which I had to of course record.

Us artists don't always get out and about to see the studio of others. Our familiarity with other artists is often limited to the works that wind up in the same exhibitions or when we are in fairs together. I found it a fantastic experience to walk through and look at the displayed work in the galleries and studios.

Plan a day in Cimarron and check out the historic buildings and museums while taking in the art. I didn't make it to the Aztec Grist Mill Museum and so it is on my list for the next trip east when I take a more leisurely tour of the galleries.


  1. Love touring towns! Thanks for the road trip...

  2. Love the trip through the eyes of an artist. I will have to take this road trip-fun! Thank you.

  3. Your photos are great and Cimarron looks like a fun place for a visit :-)

  4. Your images are really beautiful, enjoyed your lovely blog. Great work!
    Short Poems

  5. Really nice trip Jacqui! I have been to Cimarron several times lately & always marvel at how many hidden treasures there are there! Love Sherry's studio/gallery! Good job! Laura

  6. Thank you everyone. And Laura the next leg I want to do is Carol's, mine, and yours.

    Then there is Taos Canyon Studios. All come from the hub of Artspace Gallery in Angel Fire.

  7. Welcome join us,

    Thanks for the time,

    Your poetry rocks.

    hope to see you in.



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