Monday, April 4, 2011

Mag 60 - Raindrops keep falling

Raindrops keep falling

Simple raindrops

Deadly raindrops
Keep falling
Falling on my greenhouse roof
The thin panes of glass
Between me
My food
And their killing radiation.

Water everywhere
And not a drop to drink.

J. Binford-Bell
April 2011


  1. Eek! An air of menace...

    (BTW, your Mr Linky on the Magpie list isn't working properly - you may want to put it in again?)

  2. First acid rain. Now radiation rain - it's spreading through the ocean and through the air - how can it not affect us? The world is a living membrane and we're a part of it...I'm with you, feeling dark. The oil was bad enough, now this.

  3. It's difficult to equate rain with something so deadly .. but sadly it is true in Japan. Nicely written.

  4. Frightening. And something that's come across all of our minds.

  5. Well written - it's a thought that stays with us now -

  6. This is an excellent piece - of writing and thoughts.

    Remember a time when rain was pure and we thought of it as showers of blessings? Not so simple these days.

  7. beautiful rainfall.
    well done.


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