Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Artistic Vistas and Treasures Trail - Taos Canyon Leg

We didn't have the best of weather for our tour of the Taos canyon studios on the Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Trail. But perhaps that was what is particularly nice about an art studio tour - the welcome is always warm regardless of the weather. And you can view fine art in a studio whether it is hailing outside or not.

Enchanted Circle Pottery

We were coming from Angel Fire Artspace gallery, the hub of the trail, and so Enchanted Circle Pottery was our first stop in Taos Canyon on US 64. Jo and Kevin DeKeuster were preparing to load up and fire their wood burning kiln. Rolls of green ware waited in the studio to be fitted into the proper spot to maximize the output. Green tags denote the space requirements. Jo does the slab sculptural pieces and Kevin the large hand thrown vases.

Kevin explaining the 40 hour firing process
Jo showing us the gallery

And yes, they also do functional pieces for your kitchen in the same wonderful warm earth tones. A great place to stop in and shop.

Alden Sculpture Gallery
The Alden Sculpture is right in the middle of Taos Canyon - 12 1/2 miles from either end but just a mile closer to Taos than Enchanted Circle Pottery.

Alden working studio
Future Victorian Fountain
The studio was full of work in progress. I fell in love with this Victorian couple that will grace an octagon base for a fountain. The separate gallery featured the finished products artfully arranged.

Our last stop before the weather got really bad was the Laurie Hill Phelps Studio just before Taos Canyon opens into the Town of Taos. I always want to append the words And Gardens to Laurie's Studio because in the summer the terraces leading up to the studio are a riot of colorful flowers.

Laurie Hill Phelps Studio
The interior of her studio is no less colorful either. And on this gray snowy day the warmth was most welcome.
Artist Laurie Hill Phelps

We had no sooner gotten into our cars then the storm really hit with high winds and hail. I had planned on stopping on the way back and recording some of the unique sights and vistas in Taos Canyon. I did get one or two when I had to pull over and wait to be able to see well enough to continue my journey. But clearly I need to return when Laurie's flowers are blooming and the huge cotton woods have leaves.

Rural Route

Miner's Cabin


  1. Thank you for the tour, from the comfort of my computer in my WARM home, no gas needed! Excellent job.

  2. I really enjoyed this Lady J...I'm sure your warm weather will come soon.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Jacqui. When I visited the USA a few years ago Taos was one of the highlights fo the trip. Your blog and pictures brought back many happy memories.
    It seems we are in between seasons with similar weather in both North and South hemisphere as you progress toward summer and we toward winter.

    I have started a new Photoblog. The first post a few days ago has some pictures of fog that are similar to yours!

  4. I sure hope nobody is still living in that old miner's cabin...that place looks scary!!

  5. Someone did live there up until about a year ago. He died and supposedly the property passed to someone else.


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