Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Home for the Arts in Angel Fire

Carol Rupp Gallery

Angel Fire and surrounding areas this side of the mountain have some very talented artists working in a variety of mediums. We have worked to establish an 18 studio art trail, founded the Artists Guild of Northern New Mexico, and provided rotating art exhibits at the Angel Fire Visitors center for two years. But due to rough times we have seen the demise of two art galleries and a couple studios.

But the talent available here has created a demand for workshops and exhibitions and events. We have been unable to comply because we have no space available. Several of us give lessons in our studios which are restricted in space. I thought building a 336 sf studio was going over the top. I wish it were double that. I can maybe handle three students at a time.

Binford-Bell Studio

The artists guild members tried to figure out how we could comply with requests and put on a workshop program for just two weeks this summer. We looked and looked for available space to rent for a short period. The Angel Fire Community Center is no longer available if you are not a sport. We found some other "meeting spots" at the Chamber of Commerce, or the charter school, etc. We were doing what the Moreno Valley Arts Council has been doing for years - scrambling for a space to beg, borrow or steal. This in a town which currently has 18,500 sf of available retail space currently unoccupied.

We went to the Moreno Valley Arts Council to see if we could somehow join forces on this and the plan was developed to buy a space we could not be kicked out of or scheduled on top of or lost in the shuffle. We have a few empty spots in mind. There has been a business plan developed. The state is supporting fixed locations for the arts with grants. We just need the start up money. Wish us luck. Or better idea, make a donation. And we will invite you to our new home and the workshops and performances and exhibits. We will even throw a party.


Exhibit at the bank building

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