Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week 22 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 148

End of May into the first of June. Winter into Spring. Getting the mower ready to run. Picking up all the dog bones and dog toys where the snow had covered them up. And this year watching the water rise. I am not even cussing late season snows on the tops of the mountains, or the mud the dogs track in.

Day 149

I am suppose to be inside my studio painting but outside with the camera is oh, so much more fun. The cows in the fields are calving, the ponds are cascading down the falls, and fog cloaks the cliffs.

Day 150

There is no theme, no order, and no reason for this week of photographs. Except maybe just joy. Like joy could ever be a just thing.

Day 151
Loved the mists and fogs in Cimarron Canyon and they helped me get one of my best photos every of the Palisades. And back in the green house the orchids decided to bloom.

Day 152

And every rain in the valley was snow on the peaks.

Day 153

And the clouds are back.  New Mexico has such great clouds. They and their shadows upon the land add too every landscape.

Day 154

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