Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 24 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 162 - Apache Plume

I love Apache Plume shrubs. It has a delightful white flower which I almost always miss. It is the feathery pink fruits or seeds which first attract my attention. With this wet spring they seem to be everywhere creating a pink haze above the greens.

Day 163
Purple Robe Locust

This week it seems it was flowers which caught my eye. When I set out to attempt to identify those I had captured with my camera I found myself wishing I had paid more attention to my mother. She had the green thumb and always said mine was brown. Ergo why know the names of flowers I was going to kill. But something must have penetrated my thick head because I knew the flowering tree above was a locust. But obviously not a honey locust because they have yellow flowers. But I was close enough to google.

Day 164 - Coneflower???

I am not in the same good space with the the wonderful plant above. I thought because of its center it was a coneflower but the foliage is all wrong. This is getting past just identifying my subject because I would love to have this flower in my yard. Somewhere in the back of my brain sprung Bishop's Hat but it isn't that either. If you know please leave a comment or I will be running around with a print from nursery to nursery.

Day 165

At the same location as Purple Robe Locust and the mystery flower was this light fixture. It was not turned on. But the angle of the sun shining down through it made it glow like it was on.

Day 166

People in the flower garden at Ojo Caliente Spa seemed every bit as colorful as the flowers. I am practicing taking photos of people. At one time the candid shot of people at rallies or parties was my forte. I got hired to record such events. And quite loved to do it because it put the camera between them and me having to make small talk. I also excelled at taking portraits of people. Not the studio type but of my subject in gardens or forests. What you do not practice you lose. I am sneaking back to being comfortable with two legged creatures.

Day 167 - Wild Iris

The wild iris are everywhere this spring because of the rain. During the drought they almost vanished from southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. But now there are great spills of them running down the low washes from the mountains. I look forward to recording more of them this year.

Day 168

The snow is vanishing from the peaks. Noticed yesterday there was less snow than when I took this photo. Note to self: Go to this same location and take another photograph.

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