Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mag 273 - Stupid People Trick

Stupid People Trick
Prompt by Magpie Tales

Are people more stupid?
Or is it we just stupidly record them?
Is it the fault of the smart phone
used by dumb people?
Or the social media
which urges us
to Top This.

Am I getting old?
Because I do not see this as funny?
Have I lost my sense of humor
because my mind knows
what can go wrong
with getting out
of this?

I know I see things differently
I look at the open hole beneath his pose
and imagine kindling a fire
adding water to the urn
to create a broth
stir till it boils
then snap.

Maybe it is the witch in me.

J. Binford-Bell
June 2015


  1. Hehehe! Ask me round when you light that fire?! LOL

  2. whatever the cause, I like the journey of thoughts and the fact you made a fountain with your words.

  3. Acerbic and astringent, both. Well done.

  4. Sounds like the witch in you! Fresh, I enjoyed it!

  5. I like the turn to the cauldron at the end. :-)

  6. Fountain/Cauldron Potato/Potahto. Fun one.

  7. A man in a cauldron is indeed something a witch could find. Myself I thought he looked like he was bathing in a cocktail glass.

  8. I've cooked worse meals than this!

  9. I think you've been bewitched by his boyish charm! Hehehehe!

  10. Will you stir your stew with the sword?


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