Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 25 - 2015 in Photographs

Day 169
Shards of glass material

Four years ago when I first started the 365 day photographic challenge I seldom went out and sought photos to take. I just did what came up in my ordinary day. But I can encounter a herd of elk driving to the store. And have.

The photos in this week's collection were taken between Friday and Sunday and while engaged in artist stuff. I am helping put together a video for raising funds for A Permanent Home for the Arts in Angel Fire. And I was taking a weekend workshop on tempered glass mosaic in the neighboring town of Cimarron. Busy three days. And June is a very busy month. So if it does not jump out in front of me (like that herd of elk) it doesn't get snapped.

Day 170
Across the court yard from where the workshop was held

Because of 365 day challenge I almost always have my camera with me. In fact, the other day I grabbed the camera bag but not my purse when making a run to the hardware store. June is hardware store season. But I made a special effort to take my camera to the workshop. And in part because it was in Cimarron which is a very picturesque community.

Day 171
Lawn ornament at the gallery where the workshop was held

If there was any particular focus on this three days with camera it was people. This has been a recurring theme of late, which frequent readers may have noticed. I was taking the workshop to push the envelope. And I am taking pictures of people for the same reason.

Day 172

These are by no means official portraits and please nobody ask me to do that. Or weddings. I do not do weddings. These are candid shots. Captured some really good ones of Carl Swanson painting, and members of the tempered glass mosaic workshop. Artists are great subjects because they are so focused on what they are doing they are not even aware at times you and your camera are there. And what serious artist does not need another photograph for their Facebook page or website. Especially for free.

Day 173

But beyond the portrait of the artist was the capturing of the hands. I love these three photographs because of the hands. Hands engaged in creation.

Day 174
 The hands are seldom still so not always in focus. They are hands doing things. In the above photo we were working on a group project. And having to take turns putting in our pieces of the puzzle. Everyone was laughing.

And on the way home from the workshop it rained. For too many miles I was behind a flatlander who had obviously never driven mountain roads especially in the rain. My mind was a buzz from all the information it had absorbed over the weekend. So I amused myself taking photos of the rain on the windshield. Added benefit was I had to drive slow enough to do this the tourist car got ahead around the bend in the road.

Day 175

This was probably a photographic exercise a step too far. But my eyes were on the road and not on the view finder.

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  1. I really like that last photo. I used to call photographs like that "Shooting from the hip", and taught students how to do that as a way of shifting perspective. You never know what you'll end up with since you're not looking through the view finder and trying so hard for "perfect" framing, and many times, the result is something wonderfully unexpected ... unusually beautiful.


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