Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let there be flowers

I did not write the following poem. I subscribe to Poem Hunter which sends me a few each week. I particularly liked this one and thought I would post it for Poetry Wednesday.

Alone, Looking for Blossoms Along the River

The sorrow of riverside blossoms inexplicable,
And nowhere to complain -- I've gone half crazy.
I look up our southern neighbor. But my friend in wine
Gone ten days drinking. I find only an empty bed.

A thick frenzy of blossoms shrouding the riverside,
I stroll, listing dangerously, in full fear of spring.
Poems, wine -- even this profusely driven, I endure.
Arrangements for this old, white-haired man can wait.

A deep river, two or three houses in bamboo quiet,
And such goings on: red blossoms glaring with white!
Among spring's vociferous glories, I too have my place:
With a lovely wine, bidding life's affairs bon voyage.

Looking east to Shao, its smoke filled with blossoms,
I admire that stately Po-hua wineshop even more.
To empty golden wine cups, calling such beautiful
Dancing girls to embroidered mats -- who could bear it?

East of the river, before Abbot Huang's grave,
Spring is a frail splendor among gentle breezes.
In this crush of peach blossoms opening ownerless,
Shall I treasure light reds, or treasure them dark?

At Madame Huang's house, blossoms fill the paths:
Thousands, tens of thousands haul the branches down.
And butterflies linger playfully -- an unbroken
Dance floating to songs orioles sing at their ease.

I don't so love blossoms I want to die. I'm afraid,
Once they are gone, of old age still more impetuous.
And they scatter gladly, by the branchful. Let's talk
Things over, little buds ---open delicately, sparingly.

Tu Fu

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Jacqueline joins us this week.

Nicholas V


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  2. Hi Jacqui,

    Lovely poem--lovely flower.

    I'm giving Poetry Wednesday a whirl.

  3. This poem is riveting on so many levels. I feel like Tu Fu sometimes, seeing the beauty around me all these years - oh, so beautiful - as if it would never die. And now I wake up screaming inside. It's a silent scream that no one ever hears. Don't worry. I'm not mental. It's just this one artist's way of processing the aging factor.

  4. Oh I do love that poem, Jacqui. That's just how we aging folks feel. I hope I'm not too late. Here's my entry for today.


  5. Another nice collection today, Jacqui. Hope you are feeling better.


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