Thursday, May 28, 2009

Foto Friday

Back to the zoo pictures. I love photographing the great apes. First they are studies in black and shades of gray and this one has wonderful "Gym" patterns around. But I also love their expressions. I swear my father used to get this same expression on his face - half amusement and half puzzlement with a dash of satisfaction.

I can remember getting this look when I had gotten into some sort of trouble of a less than serious nature that would have been something he had gotten caught at when a child. It is the "what-am-I-going-to-do-with-you-look." Being my father's daughter I got it a lot. It always made my mother absolutely livid.

In this particular instance I think the look was for a child at the guard rail. And his mother was close to being livid.


  1. Great picture and such an entertaining story
    to accompany it!

  2. Yes, I have seen that look before - and used it a few times on my own kids. Great shot of a great ape.

  3. Great shot Jacqui,

    I love the facial expressions and mannerisms of the apes because they do resemble our own, as your story so humorously

    Thanks--this made me smile. Have a fantabulous weekend.


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