Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Granny Square Afghans

This site is suppose to be my creative ventures and tomorrow (later today) it will be the base for another Multi-blog Poetry Wednesday so please check back. But today I wanted to feature my "while ill" crafts - my afghans. The above one is my first and is smaller, sort of lap robe size.

Second Granny Square Afghan

And this one is full size and I got more creative on my color uses and number of square motifs to arrange. Sitting in my easy chair crocheting squares is very relaxing when I am watching a DVD. And until you link them all together you don't have to be under a blanket of yarn. So I am starting another lap sized one.


  1. Very pretty, too, Jacqui. I never learned crochet, I'm a knitter, but it's probably never too late. I know, as with some knit projects, it provides an artistic yet relaxing outlet, and the result is a practical item.

    Are you still feeling the effects from your recent illness? It has taken quite a toll. Take care.

  2. Actually I think I am well. About Friday of last week I woke up feeling like my old self but I am trying not to overdo and did not jump back fully with both feet into my old schedule. Still reserving the afternoons for quiet time and that means crocheting and DVD's.

    I too knit and knitting was my first love. Still prefer it for things to wear like sweaters. I came to crocheting late but it is easy to learn especially now with Youtube. You can get instructional videos there believe it or not.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.