Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Multi-blog Poetry Wednesday for June 3, 2009


What manner is this spark
We at turns call energy
Or well being or drive
Or grace?

We take it for granted
Each day it is with us
And only note it
When lost.

Missing its illumination upon waking
We are inclined
to wallow in bed
or pity.

Finding it again after a period of absence
We are want to define it
As a brighter light
A clearer sky.

And why does this spirit
Bring us calm
As well as energy
And Inspiration.

I cannot say when grace went away
Or what miasmas of body or soul caused it to go
But I noted the moment of its return
With a smile.

Oh, how very blue the sky
How fresh the breeze
And sweet the song of birds
I am sated.

Full after days of parched soul
Warmed by the spring sun
That only yesterday brought
A chill.

Today I had an abundance of well being
I sat and basked in the glory
Of feeling energy again

Today my spirit awoke
And I became aware
Of just how long it has been

(c) Jacqui Binford-Bell

Another Multi-blog Poetry Wednesday tour is open. This week we have Profiles joining us. As Y360 is closing down I will be posting the tour on both Profiles and Y360 as well as Creative Journey.

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  1. Your poem makes me feel better, and I haven't been ill at all. I love "Today I had an abundance of well being, I sat and basked in the glory of feeling energy again." I feel energy in your words. So glad you are feeling well again.

  2. Full after days of parched soul
    Warmed by the spring sun
    That only yeterday brought
    A chill

    I said it already - another treasure to be read over and over again.


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