Friday, June 5, 2009

Foto Friday

We have been having rain here almost every afternoon or evening. The weatherman says it is a monsoonal pattern. But we don't usually get monsoons until July and August. Monsoonal weather is when there is a shift in prevailing upper level winds bringing moist ocean air over otherwise dry areas. Here that moist air reaches the mountains and rises to condense as clouds and form huge cumulus thunderheads. They are beautiful to behold. And I spend hours in the studio trying to capture on canvas just the feeling of these clouds.

I very much enjoy sitting on my studio stoop at afternoon break time and watching them grow up and up and up. On the dark underside you will see lightning flashes. The fur kids head in first at the sound of distant thunder. It is the static electricity in the air that usually gets me at last inside before the drenching rains hit.

See Frani on her new profile page for more fabulous fotos today.

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