Friday, June 12, 2009

The Left Brain Tasks Begin

Artists Create. We are predominately right brain thinkers though my left brain friends would say that was a oxymoron. I used to be an ambidextrous thinker with a relationship of 51% right and 49% left. But following my head injury I am 70% right and 49% left. I am very happy with that 90% of the time. It has really improved my painting and other spatially based activities.

But I now come to that left brain side of the business of art. My first art fair is in one week and all the neglected left brain activities are looming. No avoiding them any more. I have to title and price all the new paintings, update my inventory spread sheet, and make title cards. I then have to take inventory sheet in hand and decide which paintings are going with me to this first of the summer fairs. Here, on this last task listed, I get to trip back to my right brain for a while and visualize my booth and what will fit on the walls, but primarily for the next week I will be spending my time in alien territory.

I feel so at sea in my left brain that I have been known to put things off for weeks. This means that by the time I reluctantly set myself to task I will have to camp out in rational thought. Or should I say attempts at rational thought. This generally makes me irritable. Artists need to create. No rational person wants to be an artist. You have to be driven to be an artist which requires unbalanced thinking. But the real problem here in my left brain is that I discover a whole plethora of things I have also put off.

So bear with me here. It is always worse the first fair of the season but following the 20th and 21st I get to be normal again for me.


  1. I'm nowhere the artist you are, but I do relate to the pain of the left brain duties. Today I tried to catch up on logging time spent on all my various work projects this quarter. We log them and then the company creates charts and graphs that left-brained people like to gaze at. I keep getting distracted from that awful task. If I would just do it daily . . . oh well forget that.

  2. This is a very ineresting subject and is great food for thought. As far as I know your fair is done and hope you did very well and learned much through it. You will now have more knowledge for the ones in the future you intend to do. I dabble in a little of this and that, I am cretive at mind and have learned something here through your blog and I thank you for the insight. Everyday to me is a day of learning... a saying I have: "As we live ~ we learn ~ as we learn ~ we live"
    well, good day to you :)


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.