Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slide show?

I have been playing with slide shows on FlickR and trying to post. Given the great instruction I have gotten from blogging friends with more smarts I thought I had it right. But I was getting nowhere until I decided that maybe my "privacy" settings on FlickR was my issue. So today I picked a folder there marked public - my zoo pictures. And below are the results.


  1. The slide show worked great, Jacqui. Wonderful pictures! I loved the gorilla. I thought the zebra was the most interesting angle and perhaps even suggested a topic for a painting. Loved them all.

  2. I love the rhino; practically blended into the
    boulder, didn't he....just one "rock" to another! lol

  3. Bekkieann, I have done zebras before as in the one behind me on my profile picture which won first prize. Took this photo and a few other zebra shots looking for another one to paint.

    The Butler, I think they do move a bit faster than rocks when provoked but I too loved that monochromatic look in a color photograph. Just shapes in gray.


I appreciate all kind comments on my art and poetry.