Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two More of the New Paintings

I was posting a blog on Profiles and remembered I had promised to post two of my new paintings here having only posted two before. Promise kept. Avid readers may note that the first one is a duplicate of the Manzano Mission painted in 11 x 14 format but this one in daylight as opposed to moonlight - or dawn rather than sunset. I often do my mission churches in diagonal as well as rectangular format.

I could argue that my diagonal mission church paintings are merely a novelty but they are a novelty that sells. And it is not just to collectors looking for something new. I think turning the canvas on point occupies more space. Ergo a smallish painting looks larger on the wall and seems like better value for the money.

As for repeating subjects I defend that with Monet and his waterlilies. And there are just a finite amount of old mission churches in New Mexico (though I am continually amazed when I find a new one) but there are four seasons and an infinite number of cloud formations. Thus every "repeat" of a church is new. I have done the church below before but this is the first time in spring.

Certainly no different than flowers or self-portrait or your mistress again and again. Though I must admit with Picasso he did change mistresses a lot.


  1. I rather like the perspective changes in your
    diagonal paintings; more of a "bird's eye"

  2. I rather like the changes in perspective in
    these diagonal paintings of your. More of a
    "bird's eye view" feel.

  3. As I may have mentioned before....I really like these new additions. Yes, the diagonal is eyecatching. I'm anxious to see what is next. Upcoming fair newbies? Great touch.


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