Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art Sunday - A Bit of Bragging

I was judged Best of Show at the Red River Art and Wine Festival yesterday. And wanted to honor the judge and his work today. Ed Sandoval is one of the best known artists in the Southwest today. He was born in Nambe, New Mexico and currently lives in Taos where he is considered one of the local characters. Artists must have character.

I met him for the first time yesterday and found him very enchanting and very serious about his judging chores. He was considering composition and use of color and handling of medium and overall presentation. So naturally after receiving the award I felt highly flattered and went immediately to Google when I got home to review his work.

I am not sure if I am most impressed with having won Best of Show or having met this living legend of the artistic world or that he considered my paintings worthy of note.


  1. Jacqui, I am so thrilled for you, proud of you and not a bit surprised! I'll include it in my newsletter update (out this week) and do a press release for this weeks paper. Wahoo!

  2. This is just wonderful, Jacqui, and well deserved. I hope this helps get your art the exposure it deserves.

    I was wondering if you had a blog with a gallery of your work. I'd be happy to link to it from my blogs.

  3. Of course your paintings are worthy of note!
    But I do understand how vindicated you must
    be feeling about your work. Such a noted artist, and evidently serious judge, choosing your work as Best of Show is high praise indeed and well deserved in my opinion.

  4. congratulations. it's lovely to hear that your wonderful art is getting the kudos it deserves.

  5. What an honour, indeed! Three cheers for Jacqui: hip, hip, hip!!

    Ed Sandoval is quite an artist. I see why you're so enamoured. I especially like the first that you feature here, which has such a lovely and surreal quality in such a delicate manner. The man has soul, most definitely!

    And like your other friends and fellow admirers, I'm so happy for you too. How great that must feel after all your tireless efforts.

  6. If that is his work I can see why he likes your. Great stuff

  7. I know I'm late (so what's new - flitting about between all the blogs and work) but I have to say, even though I said it elsewhere, congratulations again on another wonderful achievement.
    Why on earth would he not consider your paintings worthy of note? We've all seen your talent and many more people need to see that talent too. I can quite see why you would be so honoured to have an artist of such standing basically 'putting his stamp of approval' on your work. Tremendous!
    I googled him of course and liked what I saw. I find it extremely interesting that the two of you have similar taste in certain colours? Wouldn't you say?

  8. An even later reaction! I am catching up with more on Blogger since the demise of Multiply. My first reaction to seeing this artwork: the colours look so much like yours that I thought you were experimenting with a new style....And I love your colours.


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