Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Multi-blog Poetry Wednesday

The above image is of the Vietnam Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico. I usually post a picture I have taken of it on Memorial Day. Don't know where my head was this time. So better late than never. And I also decided to borrow another Tu Fu Poem and I am not particularly poetic of late.

Day's End

Oxen and sheep were brought back down
Long ago, and bramble gates closed. Over
Mountains and rivers, far from my old garden,
A windswept moon rises into clear night.

Springs trickle down dark cliffs, and autumn
Dew fills ridgeline grasses. My hair seems
Whiter in lamplight. The flame flickers
Good fortune over and over -- and for what?

Tu Fu

Hopefully other readers and participants have poems to share. Leave me a comment here or on my Y!360 page or on twitter.


  1. A striking memorial. The poem is lovely and pensive.

    Here's a poem to share: http://bekkieslife.blogspot.com/2009/05/poetry-wednesday-barred-owl.html

  2. You talk of oxen and sheep and i talk about the ploughman.


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