Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Project

A sure sign that I am feeling better is I have begun a new project. Well, new in that I have finally gotten round to it. (Said as if one word - roundtoit)

I found this former sofa table at the dumpsters. It was missing two legs. I cut the two it had in half and created a bench 16" tall. I removed the trim around the top (one piece already missing) and added hardibacker as a basis for the tile. I had some of that. And I had the tile. These are bits and pieces I had to cut off when doing the tile floor in my studio.

For interest I added in seashells collected decades ago when I lived near the beach and little ceramic old men that came from a wind chime that fell victim to the winds. And for good measure a few interesting pocket rocks picked up along Utah trails. The picture above shows the lose bits and pieces as I was playing with the layout. Yesterday I got out my tile saw and cut some things to fit.

This is the finished layout with the tiles cleaned of their ceramic dust. Today I have to add the new edge around it. And then grout it. Even had the grout on hand. Will probably have to buy edging
though I have a 1x 4 by 8' I could rip to 2 1/2 wide.

This will not be a sitting bench but a plant bench to go under the front window of the studio to hold some of my many potted plants. The plants and I are looking forward to its completion.


  1. What a lovely bench it turned out to be. You are truly an artist. Any craftsman might be able to cut tiles to fit, but only an artist would think of arranging them with the wind chime faces, shells and rocks to add so much more texture and interest. It's almost a shame to hide any of it with pots. Very nice!

  2. The layout was in part based upon three pots sitting on it. They will be placed on the tile only spots and allow the details to show at their base. Those would also be the "flat" parts as some of the stones and shells sit above the tile line.

    We shall see whether I avoid adding another pot or two upon it.

  3. What a nice addition for displaying and getting
    the plants off the floor and into the window
    scene! I totally agree with bekkieann's comment,"You are truly an artist".

  4. You are feeling better . The creative juices are running atapace. Just don't lift the bench. Wonderful idea!


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