Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Plant Bench

The above is the completed plant bench under the front studio windows. I painted the wood to match the other painted furniture in the studio like the bentwood rocker in the foreground. The tile is the same as that on my floor. In fact I saved all the little bits and pieces I cut off. I have always been a bit "waste not/want not" about things but in this instance saving the tile pieces was a good thing.

Below is a detail of the shells, ceramic pieces from the wind chime and stones in part of the top. I used a cream colored grout because I wanted it to look like the sand on a beach and even took a brush when the grout was still wet and shaped the "sand" around the shells to look like the tide had just deposited them on the shore.

The three potted plants sitting on the bench in the first picture are sitting in areas of the top that are just tile.You can still see the detail pieces around the base of the pots.The really good news about this project is that it cost nothing out of pocket. I had found the sofa table in need of repair at the dumpsters. And I had all the other materials on hand.

I am really happy with the way this turned out.


  1. What a beautiful table! Rescued and given new life. You'd be hard-pressed these days to be able to find, let alone purchase, such an exquisite table. I love all the little details. A true piece of art.

  2. It really did turn out beautifully. As I've
    said numerous times, there is absolutely
    nothing you can't do, and do it so creatively!

  3. Nice one, Jacqui. It was fun viewing the process too. Clever you!


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