Monday, April 22, 2013

Pushing the Envelope

Monhegan's Schoolteacher, 2004 by Jamie Wyeth 

Pushing the Envelope

Up late
Waiting until the town slept
before taking her bath
flaunting herself
in ways forbidden
by day and her job.

Curtain open
She reads forbidden literature
as nude she dries her hair
eats the cookie
her diet forbids
not the school marm now.

Warmth of the fire
pagan glow of the winter moon
a throbbing heat unsatisfied
in a sleepy town
a book
and a brazened display.

J. Binford-Bell
April 2013

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  1. No so brazen a display, if there's nobody to see it...

    1. I live in such a neighborhood and it is surprising what one sees when you are up before dawn or after sunset. And my father taught me a long time ago that if you have the lights on and the other person doesn't they can see you but you cannot see them.

  2. Well put together. You explain so well the feelings behind the picture:)

  3. Witty and sharp. Not all that far from brilliant...


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