Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 14 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 91 - Good Friday in Taos

No Day 91 was not Good Friday. And Good Friday was not good. I am fine but a friend had a crisis that day and didn't even get a helicopter ride but I got a good picture.

At one time in my life my camera was my armor. I took it to parties and company events and took photos. It kept my hands too busy to hold a drink and offered this protective shield against having to talk to anyone. And if someone rushed the barricade it gave a topic of discussion. I am an introvert and the camera can become my escape and cave. At the same time it is a way to see a world others often miss. Just having a camera on the car seat opens worlds - a sort of And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street which I remember reading to my sister.

Day 92 - Angles

Few streets in my neck of the woods these days. And literally woods. So when I get tired of trees I focus on ponds and windows and angles of roofs on the houses in the area. But this week was special because the ponds melted. And the mirror to see trees and clouds upside down opened. And oddly it happened on a day it snowed.

Day 93 - Cold reflections

Day 94 - Through the window

I had been hungry for reflections. Even washed windows on a green house tend to get better reflections. I love the inside, outside, other side beyond in the photo above. I have always understood Alice Through the Looking Glass. What I did not understand was Dad trying to explain it was nonsense.

Day 95- Apologies to Monet III

My sister, by far the better photographer, is going through a period of estrangement with her camera. While I am going through an enmeshment. Cameras are not always a happy relationship. I think I am hiding behind mine rather much at the moment. My argument is with Facebook which refuses to post photos. I began the 365 day challenge by posting one photo a day on my fanpage - Binford-Bell Studio - and now it just swallows pictures. Which is one better than it is doing on my timeline page. You can find the pictures I post on my fanpage if you look long and hard enough. I am not up to the effort it takes so I doubt my fans are. How goes it with Google +?

Day 96 - Dancing on the edge of winter

So there I was with all the ponds melting and the ducks and geese coming back and no need to look for a subject to snap for the daily challenge and Facebook is denying me access to my audience. Bringing up the question of do I take pictures for me or them. Definitely me. But I do like pleasing people and art was always my way - sometimes my only way - to do that.

Day 97 - Changing weather

Week 15 will be all about reflections I think. I have so many I have not been able to share. So a daily blog here featuring just one photo? Or posting them on Google + and then the usual weekly blog here? Continuing to hide them on my fanpage (if you go to the albums you can find them)? But do not look for them in the newsfeed. All viable options considered.

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  1. I understand your frustration with Spacebook !!!! aka Faceboooo, aka Pain in Our Ass Social Network... somehow it has become such a part of my life, to check, to post, I wonder.

    I do like to follow your pics, process and posts. I love your aesthetic. Sometimes I feel like I have found a kindred spirit. Much of how I see the world you capture much better than I do. You inspire me. Keep up the good work.


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