Monday, April 8, 2013

The Bath

Women with a towel by Edgar Degas

The bath

Always this special place
closed away from the world
and family
saturated with steam
and warmth.

So much more than bathing
a place to day dream
and imagine
lose myself in clouds of mist
explore my body.

What is not to love about a bath
with scented soaps
and bubbles
big lush towels
against skin.

A time stolen from the day
to pretend to no one
who I am
A sabbatical
from me.

J. Binford-Bell
April 2013

For more creative takes on this prompt see The Mag: 163


  1. smiles...i love a nice hot bath occassionally, it just takes you away for a bit and gets you into that nice comfortable place with no cares....til they bang on the door..ha

  2. Except we take ourselves with us wherever we go...

  3. Beautiful! Sometimes we all need a sabbatical from ourselves. The bath is such a special private place. A place to be comfortable with ourselves.

  4. I like the last stanza, especially. I can relate with the "pretend me" that is just more work and requires a vacation. I think the bath is a good place to reconnect with yourself.

  5. Simply beautiful.....

    I am truly amazed how that painting has taken us venturing into new paths...

    paint me in many hues, not just black

  6. A quiet and private time, just for the bather. Nice response to the prompt.

  7. The poem is super but those last two lines? Brilliant!

  8. Sharp, clever and on the whole, quite nifty.

  9. A sabbatical from me...I like that...

  10. I love baths if only I ever had hot water, something is always going wrong with the furnace and a cold bath is not the same! Beautiful work =)

  11. Who doesn't love losing themselves in clouds of mist?

  12. It's so nice to have time to ones self & reconnect. To lose ones self in the warmth of a nice bubble bath is soooo relaxing. Lovely Mag!


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