Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 17 - 365 Day Challenge

Day 112 -Mallards pairing off

The 365 day challenge is an interesting educational experience for a photographer. It does help you to remember to take your camera everywhere with you but it cannot provide the inspiration to actually take a photo. There are times that everything you see through the view finder looks like a photo you have already taken. Or one that does not fit with a level you have already established.

You get to look closely at what you expect of yourself photographically and whether you are measuring up. The two Mallard ducks above I was happy to capture but found my inner editor criticizing the clutter in the composition and that I snapped it with my wide angle instead of my long lens. Realistically you so often do not have the right lens on or the time to change before the object flies away.

Day 113 A

Day 113 B

Because of the bipolar weather I found myself falling back on still life or arranged compositions. In the green house the geraniums were blooming nicely. A cluster of flowers had broken off so I placed it to photograph. I do not much like the garish colors of this flower. They look wonderful on a deck or a patio and seem to represent the lushness of summer, but I find them too vivid and the leaves too green. So happy with the composition I began to look at ways to be happier with the color. in 113 A I reduced the saturation. And in 113 B I did the black and white option which shows the structure of the flower more.

Day 114 - Murphy Pensive

There are times you really have to push through your reluctance or barriers to reconnect with your muse. No doubt this happens even for the professional photographer on assignment. The 365 day challenge is challenging because of that. Day 114 was a bit of a break through but by day 115 I was back to finding the definitive geranium photograph.

Day 115 - Pretty in pink

Day 116 - ensnared

And on day 116 my mood was obviously coming out in my photographs. And so I took off on a road trip to change my mood and perspective. I had to drop off work in Trinidad, Colorado for the Trinidad Area Arts Council show Splash. Trinidad is a town I have driven through on the interstate. Now I was deep in the center of the city. Sometimes inspirational is just a change of scenery.

Day 117 - Reflections of Trinidad

Trinidad is an old mining and railroad town which had its heyday at the peak of both those industries. It is being restored and repurposed. Lots more pictures coming from my short time there and other visits but I came home tired and just post processed one or two. Week 18 will probably be a bonanza of Trinidad photographs.

Day 118 - Set in Stone

Some weeks you just have to keep on keeping on. There is usually a door of gold as a reward.

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