Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 16 - 365 day challenge

 It was a rough week for me and the USA. I had just completed Week 15 with post Day 104 when the news broke about the Boston Marathon bombing. I decided to dedicate Week 16 to beauty. And because my last post for the week would be on Earth Day, also to the earth. And if it took more than one photo a day to lighten the mood I would do that.

Day 105

Day 105 A

However I had no idea how hard it would be to get out with the camera and take those beautiful and heart warming and soul lifting photographs. Fortunately I had over the weekend taken some great photos I had yet to post process. And that was good because there was the broken waterpump. And some less than stellar weather as winter seems to hang on.

Day 106 - Wheeler Peak from Black Lake

Day 107 - Cows grazing

Day 108 - Linda's Horses taking in the sun.

What little good weather there was, however, was not missed by horses or cows or locals soaking up the early morning rays before the spring winds settled in driving everyone back to shelter and me to my studio where I contented myself with photos of my plants.

Day 109 - one of my Euphorbia

Flowers are not blooming yet unless they are in green houses. And we even had some snow. I am behind on planting in my poly tunnel but did finally get my strawberries and some other veggie starts out.

Day 110

Day 111 - Another of my Euphorbia

Hopefully I will be more inspired next week and nobody bombs anything and towns do not blow up and my car runs like a charm. And please no wind. No snow but give us rain.

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