Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 13 - 365 day Challenge

Day 84 - Studio Reflections

Week 13 began rather slowly. There are in the year weeks of high enthusiasm and low. I admit to just snapping the picture above to see where my selective focus would be in one of my camera's auto modes. The puzzle of overlapping images was rather fun however and this photographic challenge is suppose to be about learning and challenging yourself.

Day 85 - Buddha of the Geraniums

By Day 85 I had decided to more or less focus on the spiritual around me. It was after all Easter Week. I am not a Christian. My beliefs are far more eclectic. Buddha of the Geraniums fit right in. I have taken this image before and not been all that pleased but I took it this time after washing down the flowers and the objects in the bed, and knocking down some petals.

Day 86 - Celebration of spring

Easter comes from the goddess Eostre so this arrangement of orchid blossoms done in Easter Egg colors seemed very appropriate.

Day 87 - Full worm moon and Gothic Cross

As the first picture indicated I was very much in an experimental mood this week. I had been out taking some pictures of the full worm moon and came back into the studio and noticed the moon through the window shinning behind a beveled glass cross. As I was uploading it I noticed how very neat the water spots on the glass looked. Almost like stars. I collect crosses and was doing a blog post on Sidetracked Charley about my collection and so snapped a couple quick picks of some of them. And so Day 88 below.

Day 88 - Sign of the Cross

Day 89 - Good Friday

Also taken on the day of the full worm moon or chaste moon but as I had bracketed images not all were in focus. Almost hit trash when I realized the full moon was in incredible focus under the arm screen left of the cross. I thought it rather ironic the symbol of Christianity was out of focus but the moon, a symbol of beliefs dating way before Christianity was in sharp focus.

Day 90 - April Fools

And back to a celebration of spring in a riot of color. And back to the green house with the orchid and Buddha. I was driven to spring clean and had washed down the green house windows with a hose and brush and had to record the way the water distorted the aspens just outside. Then of course I had to distort the colors.

Someone asked a post or two back about what does not make the daily cut. So I thought I would post a couple of this week's also rans.

Phoebe Reverent with Ishtar 

Was going to post it after Buddha. Used it in a timeline post and a blog instead.

Crosses with Guardian of the house

This went into the Sidetracked Charley blog on Crosses, and the photo below became a cover on my timeline.

Aspens and sky

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