Monday, December 23, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Christmas

Ceremony - SOLD

Art sales started to pick up. First it was just photography which I added to my studio primarily to have lower price point items to sell. Then it was the smaller paintings I had used as what the retail business calls loss leaders but which I initially painted to again have low price items to get people into my studio. But now it seems bigger pieces are beginning to be sold.

Spirit Ladder - SOLD

Yes, I have not painted as much as I did before quitting art fairs but I have painted bigger pieces, especially since I have been offered the one woman show in Trinidad this summer. And because the walls in the studio are full (primarily because of the photographs) some of my more unique and higher priced paintings have moved upstairs so I can enjoy them.

But they all get posted here and/or on Facebook. And have sold from there. I am ecstatic. It means I can paint some more. I have two recently finished and two more on the drawing board as it were.

Coming Home
22 x 22 Mixed Media

Rio Grande del Norte
24 x 30 mixed media

Stay tuned for not merely more great photographs here but great new paintings.

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