Thursday, December 26, 2013

My picks of 365 days in pictures

2013 was the second year that I joined in with a couple other photography friends to post a picture a day on my Fanpage Binford-Bell Studio on Facebook. At the end of this year it will be 365 pictures. And here 52 blogs (one per week). I have some obvious favorites but I began to wonder which were the best 12 (one best for each month). I am leaving that up to my fans.

I will write a blog with the favorites of all my followers after the new year. If you want to participate just review the 52 blogs and leave a comment on this blog as to your six favorites. List the week number of the blog and the day number of the photograph.

I thought I would lead off with a few of my favorites picked rather randomly this morning. BTW I had a hard time with January, February and March. And there were too many in May, June, July and August. November did not resonate with me either. September and October are oddly lacking in stand out photos too given it was fall.

Burn by J. Binford-Bell / Day 159
Currently being exhibited in the ANMPAS show in Albuquerque

July and August yielded entirely too many favorites. It is perhaps also the months I took the most photographs if my photo files are to be believed. And went to the most places. Raton, Trinidad, Jackalope in Santa Fe, and various National parks are featured as well as my old time local favorite haunts. Bandelier is featured but not my favorite. I think it deserves a do over this year.

Day 213 - Bandelier Cliff

Day 305
 Both the photo above and the one below were taken in November. What a difference a a week can make and outside versus inside a green house.

Day 312 
 I finally stopped on one of my numerous trips to Raton this year and took the picture below of a truck at a junkyard outside of Cimarron. Lots of old trucks caught my attention  in 2013. And a lot of Jackalope pictures like the one below the truck. What a mint of photographic opportunities is the Santa Fe import store. They were all taken in July but every time I ran short of a photo to post I would go back to that folder in My Pictures and dust off another.

Day 226 posted in August

Day 228 - posted in August
 The umbrella below I have set under before and since but on that particular day in July the light and shadows were just right.

Day 195 posted in July

Trinidad, Colorado also figures high in the total of photos for 2013. I made four trips to Trinidad and am dying to go again. I have not gotten anywhere close to recording all the interesting visual images in the historic Colorado Mining town. As the picture below of the opera house announces it was in its heyday in the late 1800's.

Day 156

What was the Day number one for 2013? The photograph below. For the last photo of the years stay tuned. BTW I took way more than 365 photos. I have way more photo blogs than 52 and way more facebook albums on my Fanpage than 12.

First photo of 2013

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