Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 50 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 344

There is a lot to be said for the 365 days of posting photos. And more than just making you take the camera out or uploading your photos or opening your post processing program. It makes you look at different subjects and different ways to capture them. In the photo above it was not just the orchids I wanted to capture but the light and the shadows they cast. Placing them against a red door awash in the afternoon sun coming through the windows achieved that.

Day 345

Same afternoon sun on this yellow beauty but I left it where it was on the edge of a shadow cast on the wall behind it. I think it framed the bright flower beautifully. Just a bit of misting to get the droplets of water and it was ready for its closeup.

Day 346

The columns of shadow cast on the wall were created by the alternating of windows and wall. In the late afternoon on a winter day they provide a dramatic backdrop for flowers just barely capturing the last few rays of sun. I played around with black and white on this white orchid.

Day 348

Yes, the above photo is out of order but I was talking orchids and light and shadow. This is the same orchid as the one in photo number one but back to its normal spot on the plant stand. I had just finished the black and white of the white orchid and decided to try the same on this more colorful flower. Taking its color away highlights the veins and structure of this flower and makes it more important than the shadow it cast.

Day 347
On last Saturday I drove down with a friend to Albuquerque to view the ANMPAS show. We both had photos entered which were accepted. And we both didn't win anything. But it the biggest photography show I have been accepted in. Driving back we were racing a snow storm moving in and I captured this picture of the light on I believe the Ortiz Mountains. The week of photography was about light. Photography is light and shadow.

Day 349
The pattern on the wall was cast by the sun streaming through a stain glassed window. It blends well with the painted patterns on the chairs. In this photograph it seems to be all about the light.

Day 350

And in this picture and others I took on the same day it seems all about the shadows. But they are not easy to separate. But time of day is crucial. All these pictures were taken in the extremes of the day. And they are not about orchids, mountains, chairs or trees. They are about light and shadow.

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  1. Loved this. I love how light plays through trees, yes, on the mountains-- how it can change the mood and texture of a picture. Lovely.


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