Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 51 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 351
Began this week on shadows. I had promised in a previous blog to spend more time with shadows but it has turned out to be rather hit and miss due to qualities of light and quantities of snow. In the early part of the week both were great. I also discovered that shadows and black and white go very well together.

Day 352
I had just berated my labradoodle, Magique, for ruining the smooth snow with her tracks before I took the picture. But it occurred to me the tracks could add interest to the snow and they did. I like the textures in this shadow picture.

Day 353
Day 353 is the same subject as Day 351 but with a wider frame and Magique tracks. I like the plethora of aspens and their shadows in this version of the picnic table.

Day 354

Then the dawn diverted my attention. I love color. Black and white photos are difficult for me to maintain an interest in. The photo below is shadows in color. Also not bad.

Day 355

But I really had to have an explosion of color. Especially since the days turned grey with high clouds and I turned my attention to indoor subjects.

Day 356

A lot going on this last week before the holidays and I found my interest in photography waning this week. The last photo was taken when I realized my folder for the week was empty and I needed one to post.

Day 357

So as the end winds down the question is whether to do this next year. It would be my third year. Lots of benefits from doing this but there are times when picking up the camera to take a picture for the day is the last thing I want to do.

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