Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 48 - 365 Day Photography Challenge

Day 330

It really must be too early to be tired of winter but this last week I definitely was. Winter can be spectacular as previous posts have shown but this was not one of those. There was one day of hoar frost that I totally failed of photographing to my satisfaction but it has basically been the same colorless days so I took to photographing the orchids at a friend's green house and even my coats in the entry of my house.

Generally when doing flowers I change their location to minimize the distraction of other plants in the background but with the spray of yellow orchids above I kept them where they were and used a post processing filter to minimize the background importance but still give the feeling of setting.

The coats below were much the same issue. The photo was one I took to be sure my new Sandisk was working. After the previous failure of a card I am not a trusting soul. The picture turned out rather interesting upon later upload and so I played with trying to unify the chaos without minimizing that feeling.

Day 331

With the two orchid pictures below I went back to my placement of them in a "neutral" background, but the afternoon shadows had created bands of dark and light on the stucco walls of the greenhouse. And in the first photo the sun cast great shadows on the wall behind the orchids. I loved the almost oriental feel of the background.

Day 332

The temptation with orchids is to include the entire spray in the photo. Day 333 was a challenge to my tendency to want to do that. The result was a far sharper focus on the one bloom. This was not a crop but a framing with the camera. Doesn't diminish my pixels.

Day 333

Just a bit bored with orchids and really wanting more color I forced myself out into the cold, grey winter day and took some photos of shadows and ice and wood. Then back to the studio to post process some color into them. The photo below is the black and white version of Day 334. And in some ways I like it better. It also has its followers on my fan page.

Day 334 in B&W

But I was striving for color and so I had to seek it out. The crack in the ice is so different between the two versions.

Day 334

Just a few feet to the right of the crack in the pond ice is a wooden cover to a weir. I love the wood grains and the frost and one tiny remaining spot of snow with its shadow made for a very interesting abstract with the addition of color.

Day 335

I took the wheel barrow picture a couple weeks ago but while I was playing around with color I decided to see what could be done with it. The interesting challenge with the 365 Day theme of these blogs is that photography is not always linear. I didn't take a single picture yesterday. I was busy with other things. There are days I will take almost 200 photos or more and days I will play around with those photos on the computer. A photographer friend of mine, Jessica Duke, were taking some pictures on Sunday so next week they will trickle into my daily posts at Binford-Bell Studio and then some into next week's blog here.

Day 336

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  1. Fantastic pictures! That top photo is absolutely GORGEOUS!


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