Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 49 - 365 Day Photograph Challenge 2013

Day 337
Orchids in the Spotlight

Busy week with travel down to Albuquerque and doing the jobs that support me. And snow. Lots of snow. With subzero temps. Taking the camera outside to take pictures was just not very enticing. Nice to have inside subjects on such occasions. They dominate the week of photography.

Day 338
My pots and pans
It was snowing outside when I took this picture. And in black and white it looks very cold inside and out. They good luck bamboo did not seem to mind, however.

Day 339
My spice rack and kitchen witch

Even the spice rack looked cold and unwelcoming this week. I was very uninspired on cooking too. Finally made a crockpot chicken for soup.

Day 340
Witchy winter

One of the infinite reasons I do not do wedding photos is because photography reflects my mood. And not necessarily the mood of my subjects.

Day 341
Just the three of us
My sister started the shadow people. But my sister is back in Texas so the shadow people are me and my two canine kids. Warm colors at last but still in a cold mood which the hard frozen ice projects.

Day 342
The Coats of winter

The sun at long last was streaming through the light in the front door and I decided to take a picture of my winter coats - or at least those that have room there to hang. I have winter coats of all sorts of weights hanging off the chairs in my studio and living room.

Day 343
At least the two straw hats should go upstairs and leave me more room for winter coats. The heart of winter is always difficult for me. Just think of the muddle I would make of a December wedding shoot? Know your limitations.


  1. lovely review, and so true about December.

  2. Your photos reflect our Colorado mountain morning temps of -20 lately. Thank goodness for the sunshine-- at least it keeps my mood up a bit. Perhaps I should face the cold and snow head-on and don my cross country skis. If you can't beat the cold, play in it.

    1. If it were not for the wind and resultant wind chill I would be out trying to make the best of it but no sun, extreme cold, and wind keeps me cooped up inside but I did get out with friends and get a Christmas tree.


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