Sunday, July 6, 2014

Magpie Tale 227 - The photo

1850's Tintype provided by The Mag

The photo
framed to be displayed
was buried at the bottom
of the old stagecoach trunk
in the corner of the basement.

The trunk
had drawn her interest
a very unique antique to be restored
but too heavy to be moved
and so she had begun.

The dig
through her family's layers.
Moving from colored glossies
to Polaroids
and black and whites
to tintypes.

No labels
no dates beyond the medium
No names of the family members
enshrined in Kodachrome
or silver print.

 No name
of this relative of the past
with the strange glasses
and the headless cat
lying on the very bottom of the trunk.

J. Binford-Bell
July 2014


  1. Very nice way of unfolding the story.

  2. ha. but what a story that must have been
    and perhaps the reason they buried him at
    the bottom of the family secrets...smiles.

  3. I hadn't noticed the headless nature of the cat until you pointed it out. You are created a great portrait and evoked a sense of mystery about this man. Very well done.

  4. I'd wondered if this was an old or new photo. On the Magpie page, a commenter gave a link to its info. I like your take on the history aspect.

  5. I love the approach you took to the prompt.

  6. It's about the uncovered history. Well done!

  7. A mysterious realative... yet handsome one... i can really understand her curiosity!!

  8. I have lots of pictures like that. It's kind of sad. No one living remembers them. Nicely done!

  9. Makes me want to label all my photos...

  10. A man of mystery indeed - liked your take on the prompt.
    I don't like him one penny farthing and I think it best he is buried in the bottom of a stagecoach trunk . . . lol
    Best wihes ~ Eddie

  11. Some mysteries are never to be solved, but speculation is often greater than the story.


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