Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 30 - 2014 in Images

Day 204 - Waiting
The fullness of summer was upon us in this last week. And everywhere it was evident be it in the napping of cats in the windows or the last poppy blooming in the front yard.

Day 205 - Last Poppy of the summer

The poppies were a gift this summer. Seldom do they bloom as fully and for so long. Their large and delicate petals fall victim to the storms of summer. But while the monsoons came they fell gently until after the last blossom was spent.

Day 206 - In all their glory

And then came the hollyhocks planted in the lee of the studio and under an eave to keep the hail from shredding their beauty.

Day 207 - First Hollyhock

Each morning any cloud which lingered from the rains of yesterday began to gather and build into the deliverer of rain in the late afternoons.

Day 208 - Gathering Clouds
And the moist air after the months of drought was absorbed by every living thing.

Day 209 - Red Cabbage
And wildflowers which had not bloomed in such abundance for years turned the fields purple, and sometimes, it seemed, the very air.

Day 210 - The fence line
And so we near the last days of July.

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