Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 29 - 2014 in Images a day at a time

Day 197
The lush but brief mountain summer continues. And because of the gift of rain things are green. Because of the drought of past years every thing is rushing to reproduce in the short time allotted. Great news for nature and for the photographer.

Day 198
I first noticed this wild mountain rose growing through the sign post a couple years back. I figured it was a fluke but every year it works its way up higher through the square sign post. No good angle for a photograph without wires and signs but then that is what this is about - Life going on against the odds and man.

Day 199
The geese this year also did very well. Getting three of their four goslings to fledging stage. No doubt the wet spring and summer has also helped them.

Day 200

And my poppies, oft ignored, managed a wonderful display this year. At one time 17 of my salmon colored poppies were blooming at once. No mean feat because heavy rains can destroy the delicate flowers. Yesterday I took a picture of the last boom for the archives.

Day 201
And the birds have been everywhere this year. Good bugs and good seeds and good wild flowers. That does not keep the hummers from emptying the feeders daily. I have out three. And mornings there can be thirty waiting their turn. So hungry they hardly notice me and the camera.

Day 202
I have taken a lot of goose pictures this summer of my local pair and goslings. The one below is one of my favorites because Mom and Dad are paired up while the brood does their thing close by. All summer long they have swam or grazed in goose step as it were. One adult in back and one in front for protection of the three in line between them.

Day 203

Some time in August, toward the middle, the breeze will change direction and the air take on a hint of crispness. Fall will have arrived. A killing frost usually waits until September, hopefully toward the end, but migration will begin during that Indian Summer in between.


  1. All lovely images, especially like the birds on the fence.

  2. simply love the first photo <3 !


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