Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 26 - 2014 One Image a Day

Day 176

And the year is now half over. All my paintings for the Meraki Show at Gallery Main in Trinidad, Colorado are packed up. Today I will load them in the UHaul Trailer and take them tomorrow up to the gallery to hang. And all the focus I have had on painting will be over. Or Not. I already have three more canvases to stretch. And two different ideas dancing around in my head for what to paint on them.

But there is no doubt I will have more time to give to photography. And I look forward to that. The land has a fullness about it, a lushness which you can breathe in. The monsoon season is setting up and this next week has a chance for thunderstorms every single day.

Day 177

First poppy photograph of the summer. My plants are heavy with buds. They do not fare well in heavy rains so you have to dash out with the camera to quickly record them. And I will. The orange/red ones have a fire to them but I love the light and delicacy of the salmon colored ones yet to bloom.

The ponds I photography are blooming too. Small delicate blooms which rise above the water level on this stalks in vast numbers. It has been an interesting challenge trying to record the feel of this blossoming of the waters.

Day 178

Day 179

Summer is not all about flowers. With the monsoons building it will be a lot of clouds like the opening photograph of dawn. But it is also about trucks and bugs. The weather is more pleasant for long walks and drives with the camera. The truck is Eagle Nest but the Volkswagen is just down the street.

Day 180

And the gazing ball is on another walk. Nice weather allows you to linger and see what is around you.

Day 181

Like the family of geese gliding across a still pond in the early morning light.

Day 182

And there is more wildlife out enjoying the fruits and grasses of summer. I have captured a lot of photographs of elk and geese. They have not made my 365 Day Challenge photos because while they are good photos their specialness is only that they are great captures.

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