Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 28 - 2014 in Images

Day 190 - Off Main
I know it says week 28 but most of these photos were taken in week 27 and in fact on one day - July 2nd. That was the day I drove Big Blue and the UHaul full of art up to Trinidad, Colorado in the predawn hours so I could get the parking space directly in front of Gallery Main where my solo show is going on through July.

I parked and then got out with my camera to take advantage of the empty streets for a few photos. It had rained earlier and everything was very fresh. The early morning light was perfect because it cast few shadows.

Day 191 - On Main

Because I live in the wilds or near them much of my photography falls in the nature or landscape categories but I love photographing architecture and Trinidad, Colorado is my current favorite place to do that. The buildings come from a time when architects and builders took time with details and textures. Love the brick work on the building below.

Day 192 - Above Main

Yes, the two nature snaps were on the same day. When I arrived home in the afternoon after having successfully hung the show. What a trip that was. No, not the drive. The hanging.

Day 193 - All that Remains
When the petals fall off the poppy there remains a rather wonderful seed pod. The fuzzy purple of its top is overshadowed by the petals until they are gone.

Day 194 - All its Glory

Thankfully poppies do not all bloom in a single day. They mete themselves out slowly. In this photo is a newly opened bloom and in the back a bud just splitting to release another blossom. They were on the same plant with the seed pod in the photo above.

Day 195 - Morning
When, on the drive to Trinidad, I emerged from the mountains on to the eastern plains heading to Raton the clouds opened up to give me peaks of the rising sun. Dawn revealed the distant volcanic peaks holding on to the last bit of rain.

Day 196 - Rain

BTW we are officially in the Southwest Monsoon Season. The moisture is being funneled up through Mexico from the Gulf of Baja. It is carried up over our mountains where it meets with heat from the valleys and produces afternoon and evening thunderstorms. And much needed moisture for the grasses feeding the cattle and antelope on the plains.

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