Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 27 - 2014 in Images

Day 183
Flowers figured huge this last week. Whether they were the delicate blooms of moss in a pond or the orchids in a friend's greenhouse or my the hardy flowers in my neglected flower beds.

I spend much of my garden time with vegetables because they are edible and prevent trips to the store. The flowers that grow in my care are those which require little to no care like the delicate yellow columbine below.

Day 184

And they bloom because of showers and not my diligent watering of them. The monsoon season in the New Mexico mountains has begun. It is forecast to be better than the average and we need it because of the drought. Clouds get a lot of attention this time of the year.

Day 185

I took my paintings to Trinidad, Colorado's Gallery Main last Wednesday, the first day of the photographic week. And in the days preceding I was busy packing and getting the UHaul trailer, so rather than walking around with camera in hand I kept it handing during my normal chores and snapped quick picks. Orchids are always good for that.

Day 186
And the painted chair is a great prop for them.

Day 187
And the poppies in the front yard required no walk abouts. I was post processing the photos from the hanging of my show Meraki and could not resist giving this poppy below some added attention. It has bloomed on my day away. Amazing flower the poppy. It unfolds to huge dimensions out of the bud and does it in a very short time. The winds and heavy rains do them in quickly so you have to be quick at recording them.

My biggest orange ones are against the house. This week the salmon colored ones in the bed across the driveway have been blooming and will figure large in the photos in the coming week.

Day 188
As will clouds, no doubt. The surrounding mountains manufacture them from the upflow of moisture from Mexico and the Gulf of Baja. They grow in what seems like just minutes from small whiffs of clouds to huge formations taller than the mountains they cap. It is rather fun to watch. Especially when you have the time and the camera.

Day 189

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